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Who We Are

Our founder, Amy Scott, started a successful virtual homeschool company in 2014. Amy wanted to expand her vision by creating a virtual private high school that embraces the essence of homeschooling, emphasizing creativity and innovation. After several months of planning, in June 2022, she invented a new approach to learning called Complex Integrated Learning.

Complex Integrated Learning (CIL) significantly minimizes passive learning and embraces active learning techniques, such as teach-backs and projects, to demonstrate new knowledge. Our CIL model allows students to gain a deeper understanding of core & creative information and skills. 

With the rising cost of college and her new learning model, she quickly decided to create a career path-focused school with careers that would withstand automation. Since it is extremely difficult to automate creativity, selecting high-earning, entry-level jobs in the creative arts industry became the focus.

Soon, Innovation Academy was born! IA embodies the self-paced, hands-on, student-centered learning of homeschooling blended with active learning, significant teaching support, and engaging career readiness in a captivating online learning environment. 

Students at IA have a unique opportunity to stand out among their competition as they face a demanding job market. 


Innovation Academy is a designated tax-exempt 501 (c) 3 organization.

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Innovation Academy

Our Mission, Vision, & Goal

Our mission is to EMPOWER our students for the real world:

E- educate 

M- motivate

P- prepare

O- optimize learning

W- work hard

E- encourage

R- resilience

Our vision is to positively impact the workforce with educated, entry-level-ready professionals in the creative arts industry.

Our goal is to prepare students with an exceptional education and an academic, creative, and empowering experience that prepares them for success in the competitive workforce.

Core Values


Innovation is the introduction, support, and encouragement of new ideas and methods. We encouraged both students and teachers to take measured and creative risks in introducing their own ideas into our educational environment while learning to accept the creative ideas of others.


Education is the foundation of our learning environment, which allows students to challenge their creativity and core knowledge as they take an active role in their learning, shifting them from passively listening to lectures and teacher-led instruction to actively working together to learn and practice new concepts and skills.


As a 21st-century school, we focus on our students learning and developing soft skills in their daily learning environment, such as collaboration, creativity, communication, problem-solving, critical thinking, confidence, and independence.

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