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Our Academics

As a creative arts high school, it is easy for students to become less interested and motivated in their core subjects. We have created an active learning environment to combat this challenge that keeps students focused and engaged. Our active learning environment allows students to learn and process information at their own pace and demonstrate knowledge through projects, presentations, and teach-backs. 


As a virtual school, our students must participate in daily live classes and labs to stay engaged, informed, and on track. 


Our live classes are teacher-directed and designed to review previous lessons for in-class practice, discussions, presentations, and demonstrations. 


Our labs allow students to work on assignments in small groups or meet with teachers for one-on-one help. 


Students gain a rich understanding of new concepts as they develop their knowledge depth through our innovative teaching approach. 

Our 3-Prong Academic Approach


Complex Integrated Learning

Students earn 16 credit hours once they complete the general core curriculum. Students work on their core subjects using our Complex Integrated Learning (CIL) system, which includes teach-backs, allowing them to understand their lessons better. Our CIL enables students to demonstrate their knowledge in a way not typically experienced in high school.



Teach-backs allow students to demonstrate their knowledge by teaching back the material taught in the lesson in their own words and presentation style.


Students are encouraged to be creative, informative, and precise. Our philosophy is that you understand the concept/skill if you can teach it.


Study Groups

Collaboration and studying are essential to the success of our students. Our Study Groups are designed for students to work in small groups on various assignments and projects. 


Students are required to use their study groups before scheduling one-on-one teaching help with their Team Teacher. This requirement is in place to allow students a chance to build their confidence in their problem-solving skills, and it also allows students to deepen their understanding of the material when they help each other.

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