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Developing Talent While Preparing for the Future

We offer three rewarding, high-earning, entry-level career paths in the creative arts industry: Digital Content Creation, Digital Journalism, and Digital Illustration. Our career paths are automation and AI-proof, essential components in every company. 

Starting in their third year, students form micro-digital marketing agency teams for their primary path projects. These micro-agencies are not just in-class exercises but real-world partnerships with small local businesses, providing you with invaluable hands-on experience in digital marketing and branding. 


Our Path Teaching Team oversees all micro-agencies to ensure businesses receive professional-quality service and work.

Digital Content Creator

Innovation Academy


Video & Image Editing 

Sound Design

Visual Storytelling

Ad Copywriting 

Social Media Management 

Print & Video Commericals 

SEO & Marketing Stategies

Marketing Data & Angalyics

Conversion Optimization

Digital Ilustration

Innovation Academy


Image Editing

Character Drawing & Design

Logo Design

Product Marketing Design

Visual Storytelling

Editorial Illustrations

Brand Development 


Brochures, Magazines, and Flyers

Digital Journalism

Innovation Academy


Video & Image Editing

Sound Design

Visual & Written Storytelling 

Storyboarding for News Stories

Video Effects


News Content Curation for Social Media


Journalistic Research 

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