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Our Enrichment Programs

Extending access to our phenomenal and unique curriculum is essential to us, so we created three Enrichment Programs to allow homeschooling students to participate in a part-time, flexible capacity. 

Our Enrichment Programs provide participants with the same quality education and experience as our students without us being their official school of record. Allowing parents and students to enrich their homeschooling journey.  

Fab Lab

Innovation Academy has partneredwith AMRoC to host a one-of-a-kind S.T.E.A.M Fab Lab for homeschoolers!


Fab Lab allows students ages eight and up to explore science, technology, engineering, arts, manufacturing, and entrepreneurship through fun, engaging hands-on projects and activities.



We provide all the materials, tools, and self-paced guidance to unleash your child’s creativity and help them discover their passions. 

Career Boost

Career Boost is a robust program that allows students outside of Innovation Academy to enhance their education with our career path courses and micro-agencies.


Career Boost students must meet twice a week on Tuesday and Thursday at 10 am EST for class and lab.

Academic Boost

Academic Boost is a comprehensive Math and English intervention program for middle and high school students struggling in these subjects.


Academic Boost identifies learning gaps from previous grade levels and curates a customized curriculum to address the gaps and get the student on or above grade level.  

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