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Fab Lab

At the Fab Lab, creativity and innovation are at the heart of everything we do. It's a space where students can explore, innovate, and learn in a supportive and inspiring environment, making it the perfect place for homeschool students to thrive.  

AMRoc & Innovation Academy's Fab Lab 

In partnership with AMRoC, Innovation Academy created a one-of-a-kind S.T.E.A.M. enrichment program designed for the Tampa home-schooling community located inside the Univeristy Mall. 

Fab Lab promotes student empowerment and creativity through self-directed, hands-on, project-focused learning using video-based tutorials across various fields such as Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Manufacturing, and Entrepreneurship. 

Students will enhance their problem-solving skills by engaging in challenges and activities while building confidence and motivation through hands-on experiences encouraging creativity and exploration.

Our trained teaching staff will help guide and encourage students to think critically and creatively while working on their activities and projects. Our staff will host free workshops designed to help students develop specific skills.  

Fab Lab is open Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday during the school year and Tuesday & Wednesday during the Summer from 1 pm- 4 pm. 



Exceptional Quality at an Affordable Price 

Family Admission Fee
$75 annually
Open House Special- Now- May 31st
$55 annually

Early Bird- June 1st-July 31st
$65 annually

Monthly Tuition $55
Sibling Monthly Tuition $35

Open House & Early Bird Tuition
Monthly Tuition $35
Sibling Monthly Tuition $15

Monthly fees don't start until Aug 1st.
Up to 3 siblings only 

Save a Spot Pass
$10 per student per day

(This is an optional fee that guarantees your student's spot for the day in Fab Lab  and  in a workshop)

Some discounts are available for classes and programs offered by AMRoC or its other partners. 

June Special!
Experience Fab Lab in June! 
$20 1st student for the month.
$5 for Siblings for the month.

Must have a paid Family Admission.
Up to 3 siblings 

Lab Pass
Try it before fully enrolling!
$40 per student per day.

A max of 5 Lab Passes per student
No Family Admission Fee is required.

How Fab Lab Works


Students start with a 15-minute orientation, which includes a safety workshop and lab tour.  


Students visit the Lending Library to check-in and select  or inform us of their activity. 


All students start with the Discovery Lab activities and must complete 7 activities before advancing. 


Next, students must complete 7 Explorer Lab activities before advancing. 


Finally, students can work freely in the Open Lab. They will, however, only be permitted to use Green Flag tools and equipment.

Green Flags

To ensure the safety of all students, they must undergo training with a staff person and demonstrate capability in using equipment and select tools before earning a green flag, granting them unrestricted access. Students only need to earn a green flag on the equipment and tools they plan to use continually. 


Various activities within the Discovery and Explore Lab are designed to assist students in attaining their green flags for commonly used equipment and tools.

Discovery Lab


Simple activities to help students get acclimated to the Fab Lab

All students must complete a minimum of 7 activities before advancing to the next lab.

Activities include common science, art, and crafting materials, 3D printing, CAD software.

Average activity is less than one hour

Activities Example:

  • Build a Paper Roller Coaster 

  • Build a Ballon Car

  • Build a Mousetrap Car

  • Build a Popsicle Stick Catapult

  • Make a Mini-Parachute

  • Build a Wind-Powered Car

  • Code with Scratch

  • Create Food using a 3D Printer

  • Junkbots: Robots from Recycled Materials

  • Construct a Kite

  • Simple Toy Making

  • Design 3D Mazes

  • Create Natural World Art

  • Create Popsicle Furniture 

Explorer Lab


Easy to Challenging Activities 

All students must complete a minimum of 7 activities before advancing to the next lab.

Activities include the same tools and materials in Discovery Lab plus soldering, Adobe Creative Cloud, and some power & shop tools.

Average activity is a few hours- several weeks

Actvities Example:

  • Comic Book Creation

  • Board Game Creation

  • Stop Motion Lego Short Film

  • Short-form Video and Image Content for Social Media

  • Toy Making

  • Miniature Sailboats that Float

  • Jewelry Making

  • 3D Room Design & Model

  • Create a Pop-Up Children's Book

  • Mirror Art Drawing

  • Laser Key Chains

  • Lego Robotics

  • Decorative Wood Boxes

  • Wooden Skate Boards

Open Lab


Easy to Challenging Activities

Students have the freedom to create whatever they want within the code of conduct or use the Lending Library Catalog.

Students can continue using activities from the Discovery & Explorer Lab

Activities include the same tools from Explorer Lab plus the flight simulator, laser cutting machine, and all power tools.

Activities Example:

  • Tabletop Zoo

  • Furniture Design & Making

  • Video Game Creation

  • Short Films

  • Fashion Design

  • Advanced Toy Making

  • Robotics

  • Flight Simulation

  • Laser Cutting 

  • Advanced 3d Design and Modeling 

  • Set Design

  • Where is Fab Lab?
    Fab Lab is located in AMRoc inside the University Mall. 2154 University Square Mall, Tampa, FL 33612 We highly recommend using the North Mall Parking Lot & entrance. The North Mall Parking Lot is near the parking garage behind Sprouts.
  • Can I drop my child off?
    Yes. We recommend dropping students off due to space limitations. The only exception is if your student is 12 or under. Students who are 12 and under must have a parent with them at all times. Parents who drop off their students are welcome to visit the food court, mall lounge, or coffee shop near by as they wait.
  • What is Fab Lab?
    Innovation Academy has proudly partnered with AMRoC to offer Fab Lab. Fab Lab is a hand-on project-based S.T.E.A.M (science, technology, engineering, art, and manufacturing) enrichment program for homeschooling students ages 8 and older.
  • Who can attend Fab Lab?
    Fab Lab is open to all homeschooling students ages 8-18. Students under 12 must have a parent with them at all times. We are unable to accommodate students with consistent behavioral issues.
  • How many students can be in the Fab Lab at one time?
    Fab Lab can hold approximately 40 students comfortably. We recommending using the Bloomz app to verify if there is space available before arriving.
  • How often can my student come to Fab Lab?
    Students can visit Fab Lab daily. Fab Lab is open Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursdays 11 am- 3 pm except during the summer. Summer Hours: Tuesday & Wednesday 1 pm -4 pm June & August. Fab Lab is closed in July for Summer Camp.
  • How long can my child stay in Fab Lab?
    To ensure that all students can use Fab Lab a couple of times a week, we ask that all students limit their time to one hour. If there is no one waiting and we have several spots available, then students can ask to extend their time. Students can also use their 30- minute or 1 hour time extension reward when needed.
  • When is Fab Lab Open?
    Fab Lab is open Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursdays 11 am- 3 pm except during the summer. Summer Hours: Tuesday & Wednesday 1 pm -4 pm June & August. Fab Lab is closed in July for Summer Camp.
  • What is your Code of Conduct?
    Our Code of Conduct is in place to ensure that everyone is safe and enjoys their time in Fab Lab. Please review our Code of Conduct.
  • How much is Fab Lab?
    Fab Lab is only $35 a month for the first student and $15 a month for each sibling up to 3 siblings plus a family admission fee of $55 for the year. Monthly fees will not begin until August 1st 2024. The family admission fee will change on June 1st to $65. Prices will change on August 1st to the following: Family admission fee- $75 annually $55 a month for the 1st student $35 a month for each sibling up to 3 siblings.
  • What is the June Pass?
    The month of June is our soft launch and we are providing a deeply discounted day pass for students who have paid the family admission fee. The June Pass is only $20 a day per student.
  • What is a Lab Pass?
    A Lab Pass allows you to experience Fab Lab with out paying the family admission fee. This pass is perfect for families who only plan to visit a few times a year. Lab Pass is $40 per student per day.
  • What is the Save a Spot Pass?
    To keep everyone comfortable and safe we only allow approximately 40 students at a time. With a limited number of students in the space at one time, we can not guarantee your student can enter when they arrive and might have to wait an hour until a space becomes available. If you have a Save a Spot Pass, it ensures your student can enter when they arrive. You can also use purchase a Save a Spot Pass to attend a workshop. Again, with space being limited your pass ensures your student will be able to attend their desired workshop. The Save a Spot Pass is $10.
  • Does my child need to bring anything?
    No, we provide laptops and all materials.
  • What if my student doesn't see an activity they want to do?
    Our staff will work with the student to modify the activities in the Discovery and Explorer Lab. Once the student is in the Open Lab, they will have the freedom to create whatever they wish without breaking the code of conduct.
  • Is my child safe at Fab Lab?
    Yes. The Innovation Academy teaching and admin staff are on site and helping students during Fab Lab hours. AMRoC and other partners have staff available also. Staff members are not permitted to be alone behind closed doors with students. Students are not permitted to be with other students behind closed doors. All equipment and tool safety measures are monitored and enforced continually. The 7 Fab Lab rules are reviewed with students daily.
  • How are the Activities Structured?
    Students have the option to choose from several activities. Once they have select the activity they would like to work on they are given an assignment code. Students log into Scoutlier and enter the assignment code. Each activity contains easy-to-follow steps including a video tutorial and end of activity analysis.
  • What is a Green Flag?
    Fab Lab has professional tools and equipment. Some of the tools and equipment are potentially dangerous if not used correctly, so it is important that students complete the necessary training before using certain items. Green Flags are earned when a student has completed the training by a staff member on a specific piece of equipment or tools. Students must have a Green Flag before using the following: 3D Printer Soldering tools CAD software Photoshop, Premiere Pro, Illustrator, Affects Software Scratch Software Flight Simulator All tools in the woodshop Laser cutter Sewing machine All cameras and equipment in the TV & Podcast studios Some kits in the Lending Library Training time varies based on the item.
  • Why can't my child go straight to Open Lab?
    It is important that students have a fundamental understanding of how Fab Lab works, how to design a project, how to execute a project and other concepts before creating their own ideas. Discovery Lab allows students to learn the necessary engineering and creative design steps when working on an activity. Explorer Lab prepares students for more complex projects and activities, while introducing new tools and equipment.
  • What are the Fab Lab Rules?
    No pushing, shoving, horseplaying, running, or skipping. No throwing, tossing, misusing or damaging tools, equipment or supplies. No cursing, teasing, bullying, discriminatory or inappropriate language or conversations. No limiting your potential or creativity. Treat people the way you want people to treat you. Fab Lab is a privilege not a right. Create, Learn, and Have Fun!
  • What if my student completes all of the activities?
    We are continually adding new activities to all Labs to ensure students have something fresh and new to discover.
  • What is the Bloomz App?
    The Bloomz app is our communication tool for parents and students. With the Bloomz app we are able to provide updates, send and receive private messages, announce upcoming workshops, track reward points and green flags. We also use the Bloomz App to update parents on the number of available spaces in real time. We do not communicate with students on the Bloomz app with notifying the parents unless otherwise arranged. Parents and students can download the Bloomz app from the App Store or Google Play.
  • What is the reward program?
    Students receive 1 point for every completed activity. Students receive 5 points for every 10 visits. Every 30 points students will earn an extra 30- minutes a Fab Lab time that can be used at anytime during Fab Lab hours. Parents and students can track their points in the Bloomz app. A completed activity is defined as following all of the activity steps and investing effort into the activity.
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