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Student Life

IA Virtual Campus is a place where students can learn, work on assignments, and build and foster lifelong friendships in our virtual learning environment. 


Our Virtual Campus is an engaging, interactive, and immersive place where students customize their avatars to represent them as they meet peers, attend classes and labs, participate in planned activities and events, work on assignments in the Learning Center, meet with members from their Teaching Teams or ASM, and collaborate and present on projects. 

The Virtual Campus is a secured virtual world accessed via a laptop, PC, or Mac. A headset with a microphone is required. 

IA Hall

What is the IA Virtual Campus?

The IA Virtual Campus is a metaverse, a three-dimensional virtual world ecosystem that integrates aspects of online gaming, social media, and virtual reality to create a space where students, teachers, and staff can interact and speak with each other virtually through their avatars. 

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